My Favorite Reusable Shopping Bag for Travel

reusable bags for travel

Sometimes there is just no substitute for the real thing. For me, the real thing is my Rume bag(s). I happened upon these quite unexpectedly a few years back and they continue to be my go-to reusable shopping bag, for everyday and travel use.

Disclaimer: I really do love Rume reusable shopping bags and in no way, shape or form are they compensating me for this review! 

Why a reusable bag for travel?

As cities around the world focus on the environment, many have adopted legislation banning plastic bag use in grocery markets and other retail shops. You may surprised upon checkout that you there will be no bags available OR you’ll have to purchase a reusable bag to hold your items.

Collapsible and Durable

Rume bags, in particular, make collapsing and carrying a reusable bag so easy. Plus, they are very durable and with integrated, seamless handles, you won’t have the problem of handles tearing free of the bag like many reusable shopping bag options.

Carry on

Most airlines will allow one carry on and a personal item and you should take advantage of these allowances and save yourself the expense of checking a bag whenever feasible. I love using my Rume bag as a personal item! I actually stuff my wallet, books and snacks in my reusable bag and my clothes and toiletries in my carry on luggage. Rume bags are small enough to fit in under the seat in front of you but still hold a lot. Plus, they are easy to clean in case spills happen or there is dirt on the floor. That said, because I like this bag so much, I typically reserve it for groceries and goods that can’t perish or leak while in my bag!

Rume bags come in different sizes and styles, it’ll be hard to choose just one and I’ll bet they’ll be your favorite reusable shopping bag for everyday and travel use too!