Your Travel Tech Travel Kit at the Ready

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We are so attached to our smart phones, tablets and laptops. Just like the old American Express commercial used to say, ‘don’t leave home without it’. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll likely be bringing your phone, tablet, camera or laptop or maybe all of the above! Until engineers figure out how to make a battery that never dies, you’ll need to bring power cords, phone charges and other auxiliary cords and wires to keep connected while traveling.

My travel pro tip regarding traveling with tech, put together a survival kit that is always ready to go (even when you aren’t). Mine includes these:

Phone Charger – with wall and car adaptor – bring two cords

Earbuds and/or noise cancelling headphones – depending on the level of distraction you can tolerate on the plane and in your hotel room. I definitely recommend noise cancelling headphones if you are staying in a share room, like a hostel.

USB/AC car power adapter. I recommend a universal plug that can do all of these functions, including a power adapter.

Auxiliary jack for the rental car to pipe in audio if Bluetooth is not available. You’ll want a long cord so those in the back of the car can plug in their device and control the media at the same time.

Portable battery charger for your phone which is extremely helpful when you are using power hogging apps and taking photos.

Splitter for headphones to share audio. This can save you money when renting movies on an airplane to avoid multiple purchases if you are seated next to your travel mate.

Your turn. What does your tech travel kit look like?