Traveling Made Easier with Mobile Phones

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You use your mobile phone to talk to your friends and family, manage your calendar, set alarms, calculate, play games, go online, and download content that makes life easier. Mobile phones can be an excellent travel companion as well. Here are some ways that you can use your phone to make travel easier.

Airline Boarding Passes

Rather than printing a boarding pass to take with you to the MSP Airport, you can send it to your phone. Mobile boarding passes, or paperless boarding passes, contain a 2D bar code that can be scanned at the ticketing desk, security lines, and gates. Probably the best advantage of mobile boarding passes is the hassle it spares of one less thing to juggle at the airport.

However, there are some cautions when relying on mobile boarding passes. First, not all airlines or airports support the technology. When you check-in online you will be given the option to use a mobile boarding pass, if available, so be prepared to print from your computer in case you don’t have a choice. Some of the major U.S. airlines that offer paperless boarding passes include: Alaska, American, Continental, Delta, and US Airways. Second, if the scanners aren’t working at the airport or are few and far between compared to passenger demand, lines may be long and slow moving. Have a backup printed copy in your pocket could help alleviate these problems.

Traveling to a Foreign Country

When traveling abroad, it is a good idea to have contact information for the U.S. Embassy in case of an emergency, such as a lost passport. The State Department has made this task easier, especially if you are touring through several regions or countries. Try their mobile app “Find Your Embassy” which includes maps, contact information for U.S. embassies and consulates, and travel alerts and warnings. They also have a mobile friendly website

City Guides

Travel forum websites, such as Trip Advisor, are abound with helpful tips for travelers visiting a new destination. When you’ve already planned your trip and reached your destination, their “Guides” app will help you navigate the city streets. This can be especially helpful if you’re at an unfamiliar destination, looking for something to do or a place to eat or don’t speak the local language fluently.

Take a Picture

Sure, you will take dozens of photos to memorialize your trip, but you can also use your phones camera as a travel tool. Use it to take a picture of your room number to help you remember. You can also take a picture of where you parked your car at the offsite airport parking lot or the street sign near your hotel or parked rental car to easily locate it in an unfamiliar area.

Mobile phones make our life easier and air travel can be stressful. Learning how it can be your travel companion will let you enjoy your trip to the fullest. Starting off your trip with offsite airport parking and airport shuttle service helps you start your trip stress-free. Use your mobile phone and apps like FourSquare to find offsite airport parking services in your area and perhaps a great discount on airport parking.