What will you do with the money you save on airport parking in Minneapolis?

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Parking at the MSP airport terminal one, the main terminal (old Lindbergh), is up to $26 per day. For that, you get to circle one of the ramps for a parking spot at the airport (hopefully they aren’t full and you are turned away), haul your luggage through the airport parking ramp, and finally get to the airport’s entrance and ticketing (get in line)! You can check online for rates on airport parking availability at MSP airport.

Parking at offsite airport parking MSP lots can save you around 40 percent on airport parking costs. 

So, now that you’ve saved money on MSP airport parking, what will you do with the money you save when you park near the airport rather that at the MSP airport parking lot?

  • Check a bag with your airline and avoid the hassle of cramming everything in a carry-on
  • Upgrade to first class or business class
  • Purchase a glass of wine or beer on your flight and RELAX
  • Quiet your growling tummy and purchase a snack or meal on the airplane
  • Treat yourself to Wi-Fi in the sky
  • Shine your shoes at the airport terminal
  • Rent a DVD at an airport movie kiosk
  • Upgrade your rental car
  • Start saving for your next trip!

Choosing offsite airport parking will spare you the hassle of parking at the main airport terminal in Minneapolis and you will save money. With door-to-door shuttle service to the airport, help with your luggage from friendly drivers and secure and lighted parking, airport parking MSP can be easy. Check airport parking rates here.